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Articles by A Sponsored Supplement from Focus Reports

India: An Emerging Knowledge Superpower

Sep 1, 2007

"India, as a manufacturing hub, offers safe, effective, quality medicines, at the very best prices. Now, we are on our way to become a R&D hub." For Dilip Shah, General Secretary of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA), India is currently on its way to undertake one of the greatest transformations ever experienced within the pharmaceutical industry, although the excitement has been over 30 years in the making.

Russia: The Rise (and Fall) of Healthcare

May 1, 2007

When the Russian Federation emerged from the former USSR in 1991, the social net that had provided for Russians' healthcare needs - including centralized distribution of medication - was just a memory. No drug registry existed during the first few years of independence, and foreign pharmaceutical companies were able to sell just about anything they had in stock into the new private distribution structure.

Portugal: Riding the Wave of Economic Reform

Apr 1, 2007

Ask any senior executive to outline the Portuguese pharmaceutical industry's current set of rules, and you'll hear a tale of disorientation, even overwhelming confusion. The government represents around two-thirds of total pharmaceutical sales in the country - to the tune of 2.8 billion (US$3.7 billion) - accounting for more than 2% of Portugal's gross domestic product.

Thailand: Critical Need for New Investment

Feb 1, 2007

"Now that Thailand can guarantee healthcare for a vast number of our people, we are on our way to becoming the medical hub of Asia. This year only, more that one million foreigners received our high-quality healthcare.


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