Articles by Stephen E. Gerard - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Stephen E. Gerard

Pharma Confidential

Jan 1, 2009

How hopeful are execs about the future of their own companies and the industry in general?

What's Worrying Sales?

Better to ask, What isn't? A new survey of leading executives in commercial operations forecasts 2008 as a year of tough choices and big changes.
Oct 1, 2007

These are challenging times for senior operations executives who support sales, marketing, and managed markets. The pipeline shortfall, drug-approval delays, and increasing regulatory complexity have squeezed budgets while raising revenue targets. The Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) has caused some of the most far-reaching changes in the sales and marketing landscape, as government purchasing power creates both new opportunities and greater restrictions. In addition, traditional modes of selling have saturated the market, and the sales model the industry knows and loves is no longer so effective.


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