Articles by Bruce Grant - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Bruce Grant

Web 2.0—Consumers on Demand

Feeling left behind by Web 2.0? Take these simple steps to join the conversation.
Sep 1, 2007

For pharma marketers, understanding the on-demand opportunity starts with recognizing that customers are, in many ways, ahead of the industry

On the Web: If You're Not Everywhere, You're Nowhere

Pharma marketers must create an online universe for brand messages if they want consumers to find and trust their product and disease information.
Dec 1, 2003

Pharma companies and their brand managers recognize the value of having online channels to consumers. But do consumers get the messages that companies send through their websites? Unless product teams adapt their internet communication strategies to the way people search for health information, the answer may be: "Not as frequently as you might think."


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