Articles by Leela Barham - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Leela Barham

The Gate Keeper: Dr. David Haslam, Chair of NICE, UK

Oct 1, 2014

NICE's David Haslam discusses the UK drug watchdog's new challenge in meeting expectations around what quantitative calculations of value mean to patient access today.

What Does the UK's 'New' PPRS Mean for Value-Based Pricing?

Nov 20, 2013

Leela Barham ponders the future of VBP in the light of a new PPRS deal between industry and the UK government.

The Cancer Drugs Fund under NHS England: Q1 Results

Aug 27, 2013

NHS England (NHSE) has just released the first data covering the first quarter of financial year 2013/14 on the Cancer Drug Fund. Leela Barham assesses the results.


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