Articles by Keith Symmers - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Keith Symmers

The Right Staff

Pharma companies must recruit and develop quality-control personnel before major problems occur.
Mar 1, 2003

Consider the following real-world scenario: Feb. 28-Apr. 14, 2000. Third-party auditors warn Schering-Plough (SP) of problems with product quality, including lack of quality control (QC) and high staff turnover. Dec. 20, 2000. SP's stock price reaches a high of $60 per share. Jan. 19, 2001. FDA completes an in-depth inspection of SP production facilities, identifying significant, repeated, and widespread QC violations dating to 1998. Several production lines are shut down and the Clarinex (desloratidine) launch is delayed.

Marriages Made in Heaven?

When properly integrated, Mergers and acquisitions can create profitable growth.
Jan 1, 2001

In recent years, some of the industry's largest companies have said "I do" at the merger altar. Midsized pharma, small biotech, and genomics companies have also joined the mating frenzy. The mixed results of those unions have left shareholders, customers, and employees wondering-are such marriages made in heaven or in hell?


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