Articles by Ben Comer - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Ben Comer

Sickle Cell Disease In Three Acts

Apr 10, 2014

Is there a happy ending in store for sickle cell patients?

The Active Patient: Faces Of Change

Feb 1, 2014

Advocacy organizations and individual patients are getting more involved in every facet of the healthcare system, from drug R&D, to federal and state policy all fueled by the hour-to-hour passion of living with a disease.

Pharm Exec's Annual Industry Outlook 2014

Jan 21, 2014

For Big Pharma, the merits of strategic focus and operational discipline are more important than ever. It is time to be decisive — muddling through is so yesterday.

Biosimilars or Bust

Jan 21, 2014

Where are the biosimilars to help cut costs as the first wave of biologics, or complex, small molecule respiratory drugs, for example, go off patent? They've arrived in Europe, but the U.S. lags...

Brand vs. Generic: Physicians Weigh In

Dec 1, 2013

Why do some doctors prescribe more generic drugs than others?

Top Medical Innovations for 2014

Nov 1, 2013

At the conclusion of the Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovations Summit each year, 10 innovative technologies are unveiled before the audience, and designated as new and revolutionary tools for the treatment of disease and disability.

2014 Pipeline Report: The Sprint to Value

Nov 1, 2013

Across a constellation of categories, bright new drugs are moving into position. The pharma model may have changed, but companies are keeping their blockbusters.

Field Force Evolution: Adapting to a New Ecosystem

Oct 1, 2013

Environmental changes on all sides of professional sale are forcing biopharmaceutical companies to select for new traits in the makeup of the field force function.

Using Data to Influence Behavior and Predict Outcomes

Oct 1, 2013

Predictive analysis has been used to great effect in the finance, tech, retail, and telecoms industries. Can it also improve decision-making and health outcomes in life sciences?


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