Articles by Joanna Breitstein - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Joanna Breitstein

Cipro Nation

Dec 1, 2001

The bioterrorism threat is real and demands attention, but media coverage of anthrax has spun wildly out of control. That raises a perennial question: Do reporters just respond to Americans' thirst for information, or do they hype that information out of all proportion to its worth?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dec 1, 2001

In an unprecedented move for a pharma company, TAP initiated a money-back guarantee for its proton pump inhibitor Prevacid (lansoprazole). The "Prevacid Promise" guarantees heartburn sufferers a refund for out-of-pocket costs if they're not satisfied with the results of the therapy.

Converging for Capital

Dec 1, 2001

International terrorist threat? "Bah, humbug," said the investor crowd that attended CIBC World Markets' 12th annual healthcare conference showcasing 250 healthcare companies. For three days, Wall Streeters hobnobbed with industry's finest, learned about companies' pipelines, and discussed emerging trends.

Protecting People Everywhere

Dec 1, 2001

Washington, DC-More countries are hosting pharma's R&D efforts, creating a research environment ripe for abuses of patient safety because FDA cannot ensure the same protection in foreign trials as in domestic ones. A recent study by the US Health and Human Service's office of the inspector general (OIG) found that regions with less research experience-including Eastern Europe, Latin America, and East Asia-have become more desirable locations for US-based companies and contract research organizations' clinical trials. In fact, the number of countries producing data for FDA submissions jumped from 28 to 79 between 1989 and 1999. And that trend shows no

Health Care Helper

Dec 1, 2001

Faced with shrinking budgets and growing health insurance costs, employers are evaluating their options for covering employee premiums in 2002. Vitality Communications' Health Care Buyer, a guidebook for employers, may help the process with A to Z resources such as formulary lists and state-by-state HMO directories.

Insider Profile: Cost Shifting, Blood from a Stone

Dec 1, 2001

Dow Jones calls Barbara Ryan, managing director of Deutsche Banc Alex Brown, "one of the Street's more prescient drug analysts." Indeed, Ryan's knowledge of the pharma industry comes from nearly 20 years of covering it. In an interview with PE, Ryan predicts rough times ahead for pharma and discusses how escalating drug costs may give employees more responsibility for their therapy choices in 2002.

NPC Promotes Innovation

Nov 1, 2001

As patient groups attack the industry's main advocate, the Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), on issues ranging from pricing to marketing spend, other organizations are stepping up to represent pharma's interests. The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) has recently garnered media and industry attention through more exacting communications plans and a nonprofit, educational stance.

Art Nouveau

Oct 1, 2001

"Great communications are based on one key insight. The Discovery Group forms part of that foundation. If you go out and ask the same questions in the same old way of the same people, you keep getting the same old answers.

Discovery! Oncology: For Love of the Game

Jun 1, 2001

MMRF is run more like a Fortune 500 company than a foundation. It is defined by a mission, short- and long-term goals, a business plan for growth, a board of directors, and a scientific advisory board. The mix works. Under Giusti's stewardship, MMRF has exceeded fundraising expectations while remaining a model of efficiency-less than 5 percent of capital raised has been spent on administrative costs.


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