Articles by Beth Herskovits - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Beth Herskovits

Oral Diabetes Race Comes Down to Marketing

Oct 25, 2006

Merck's Januvia has a head start, but Novartis isn't sitting idle.

Roche One-Ups Partner

Oct 11, 2006

Drug giant beefs up early-stage R&D, moving into Genentech's turf.

Gilead Embraces Change

Oct 11, 2006

After axing oncology, Gilead says it's ready for new therapeutic areas.

Downer for SSRI Makers

Oct 11, 2006

JAMA study questions effectiveness of popular antidepressants.

Born Again

Mifepristone is best known as an abortion drug. But it appears to be on the verge of a second career—treating a severe form of major depression.
Oct 1, 2006

Most people have never heard of psychotic depression, but they are familiar with the case of Andrea Yates, who tragically murdered her children during an episode of the disease.


Sep 27, 2006

The Part D donut hole has arrived, and pharma is scrambling to maintain brand loyalty.

Shire, Barr Swap Drugs, Not Money

Sep 27, 2006

The recent settlement between branded and generic companies offers a 'win-win' approach to patent challenges.

Fast Forward

Sep 27, 2006

A new, faster recipe for drug development: Chat up regulators. Outsource where you can. And know when to let go.

'Merck Did Nothing Wrong,' Martin Report says

Sep 13, 2006

Company-commissioned report exonerates senior managers, points fingers at sales team


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