Articles by William Looney - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by William Looney

Get Back in the Box!

Sep 1, 2011

Despite the gloom, most forecasts show the US will stay atop the industry in profits for at least the next generation of products.

Mind the Gap!

Aug 1, 2011

No one doubts the importance of health expenditures ? but then, euros, like dollars, don't grow on trees

Options for Paying for Health—The Right Way

Aug 1, 2011

What Big Pharma fails to see is how engagement in health policy is the biggest of reputation builders

Innovation at Pfizer

Aug 1, 2011

A Q&A with Kristin Peck, the drugmaker's Executive Vice President, Worldwide Business Development and Innovation.

Truth Found in the Wrong Places

Jul 1, 2011

More bad ideas on how to manage the healthcare burden are circulating beyond the stakeholders that initiated them

Planning Beyond the Petri Dish

Jul 1, 2011

Pfizer's crizotinib development program combined organization, art, and science—and a large dose of unforeseen risk

2011 Dealmakers Outlook

Call it spit and risk—hitting it
Jun 1, 2011

With Yankee stadium as the backdrop, Pharm Exec convened its annual panel of eight business development experts to crack the bat on best practice in licensing and M&A for the year ahead.

Heading for the Horizon

Jun 1, 2011

Now that government payers are turning to pharma to bridge budgetary shortfalls it's best to think long-term

Keeping Your Place on the Nifty 50

May 1, 2011

What do the Pharm Exec 50 numbers tell us? The dominant theme seems to be one of gradual restructuring toward a post-patent-cliff era.


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