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Articles by Joanna Breitstein

Salesforce Roundtable

With industry-wide layoffs, how will pharma companies staff their sales organizations? Pharmaceutical executive and its sister publication, pharmaceutical representative, convened an executive roundtable to find out.
Mar 1, 2008

Industry insiders explain how pharma companies are reorganizing their salesforces in the wake of industry-wide layoffs

Fight Resistance

Doomsayers predict that the post-antibiotic age is coming. But rising rates of antimicrobial resistance show that in many parts of the world, it is already here.
Feb 1, 2008

US officials think they can control MRSA and other "superbugs," but dangerous bacteria know no boundaries. What does the world do when its drugs stop working?

Financing the Future of Pharma

In pursuit of innovation, Pharma is increasingly practicing—and attempting to perfect—the science of doing deals. Pharm Exec asked a blue-chip panel of insiders to evaluate how well the experiment is working.
Dec 1, 2007

Science is the lifeblood of pharma, of course. But these days, science isn't just what you produce in your own labs. It's what you can license, buy, partner on, or gain through acquisition. Which means that, increasingly, deals are the lifeblood of pharma.

Step It Up: Branding Roundtable

Nov 1, 2007

Top pharma brand experts discuss today's issues: safety, compliance, corporate branding, combatting generics, and more.

Celebrating Innovation: Prix Galien Photo Gallery

Nov 1, 2007

Photos from the awards ceremony of the first US Prix Galien, September 25, 2007 in New York City.

Life After FDA

From his new post, former FDA commissioner Mark McClellan talks about the current safety equation
Oct 1, 2007

You have to admit: Mark McClellan, MD, has quite a resumé. But after you've been the commissioner of FDA and the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), what comes next?

Being Fred Hassan

Oct 1, 2007

The Schering-Plough story offers a fascinating tale of a turnaround. But it's also a story of how a leader can right the ship of the beleaguered modern-day pharma company. Given the challenges the industry faces, models of effective leadership are precious. Who can today's execs learn from? To some extent or other, many leaders need to set themselves to the task of studying, emulating, and being a leader like Fred Hassan.

M&A: Panning for Gold

The industry must sift through the small pharmas and biotechs that are powering the engine of drug discovery. But searching for the right partner company can be like...
Sep 1, 2007

here's a solid case to be made for choosing A. The market for deals has been robust through the first half of 2007. A Cowen research report counted 10 public deals done by July 2007, compared with 14 for all of 2006. Another data source, Irving Levin Associates, cites 455 public and private healthcare deals in the first six months of 2007, a 12 percent decrease from the same period last year—but an 18 percent rise in deal value.

Fixing the Sales Model

Pharma's new commercialization strategy is, uh, in the works. But what did you expect? Getting it right takes time.
Jun 1, 2007

It was like the end of the arms race last November when Pfizer announced it was slashing its national sales force by 20 percent. Coolly downplayed as cost-cutting by new CEO Jeffrey Kindler, the stunning move was met by industry insiders, Wall Street analysts, and the media with one humongous collective sigh of relief. Big Pharma was seen as having grown dangerously addicted to the detailing game over the past decade, with the top firms plowing more and more of their blockbuster profits into trying to keep up with Pfizer's "flood the zone" strategy and with less and less to show for it.


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