Articles by Marylyn Donahue - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Marylyn Donahue

Agency Confidential: The Scoop— What Your Agency Doesn't Want To Tell You

Jun 3, 2009

Pharma friendless on Facebook | DTC ad spending flat | Rate of healthcare marketing and advertising falls | Consumers chose food over meds | Some see light at tunnel's end

Pharma Meetings

Open Season
Apr 3, 2009

Neither Washington nor the public has any patience for executives playing golf at fancy resorts. It doesn't matter if they are there attending a conference, or that important business is often conducted on the green, or that the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.

Introduction: Pharma's New Action Heroes

Product managers are emerging as key figures as globalization and competition make maintaining a winning portfolio a lot harder, more complex, and vastly more important
Mar 3, 2009

Product managers are key figures as maintaining a winning portfolio becomes a lot harder, more complex, and vastly more important

Pharma Be Nimble. Quick!

Nov 3, 2008

Is a phoenix beginning to rise from this year's layoffs, expiring patents, and regulatory setbacks? Ask the consultants...

Detailing Dr. House: Promotion or Risky Prescribing?

Oct 3, 2008

Dr. House, the lead character in TV's hit medical drama, House, is a high-prescribing diagnostician whose drug treatments can as easily kill or cure a patient. Can this be marketing?

Introduction: Evolutionary Branding

Oct 3, 2008

A DTC backlash is forcing branders to come up with new marketing approaches. Some are better than others ... much better

Pharmaceutical Product Placements: The Next DTC?

Oct 3, 2008

Drugs are being mentioned more and more on TV shows. Is it just part of the script—or promotion on the part of the industry? If so, should it be regulated?

Branding Under Fire

Oct 3, 2008

Between Congress, the courts, and consumers, DTC is having a rough year. Pharma marketers are now being pressured to delay direct-to-consumer advertising for six months. Is it time to pay more attention to educating doctors and patients?

Interacting With Interactives

Sep 3, 2008

Enticing, engaging, and a magnet for collecting data, interactive exhibits are perfectly suited for pharmaceutical marketing. And while they will never take the place of a sales rep, the purpose is to keep everyone on message and to educate in the process


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