Articles by Bill Drummy - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Bill Drummy

The Slow Dance Toward Obsolescence

Aug 1, 2011

Does Big Pharma have the emotional connection and intellectual commitment to move with the pace of change?

Building Online Community

Jun 3, 2008

Web site supports Crohn's patients and supplies goal-busting database for company's new product

The Five "I"s of Internet Marketing

Feb 1, 2006

Online strategies aren't monolithic; each must meet the particular goals of the brand in question, and serve the knowledge needs of a specific disease state. That said, experts agree on many of the fundamentals—the 5 "I"s of Internet marketing:

10 Classic Mistakes and how to avoid them

Interactive marketing has been around since 1994, yet pharma marketers still make the same mistakes when executing online tactics.
Aug 1, 2003

Since the pharma industry uploaded its very first websites in 1994, marketers' perception of the web has moved from intriguing novelty, to must-have status symbol, to vital communications channel for both patients and physicians. Yet even as product managers devote more resources to their brand-name product websites, many still commit fundamental errors with alarming frequency.


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