Articles by Humphrey Taylor - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Humphrey Taylor

The Richer We Get

Healthcare spending will grow faster than the economy because that's what people want.
Dec 1, 2003

Healthcare costs are out of control." "The rate of growth of healthcare spending is unsustainable." We have all heard or read claims like those hundreds of times over the last 30 years-not just in the United States but also in many other countries.

Pharma's Value Proposition

Oct 1, 2003

The next five years will determine whether pharma retains its position as the most profitable major industry. It will do so only if it succeeds in justifying its profit margins and the high prices that US consumers pay for its products. That will be tough. When Adlai Stevenson was running for president, an enthusiastic supporter gushed, "Oh, Mr. Stevenson, you will win the thinking man's vote.

Some Good News for a Change

The first step in improving patients' health literacy is getting doctors to realize that it's their problem, too.
Sep 1, 2003

Much of my professional life as a survey researcher has involved bringing my clients bad news. Recently my firm tracked and analyzed the backlash against the drug industry and the public's perception of "outrageously high" drug prices. The majority of the public wanted increased industry regulation and government control of drug prices. All too often, the temptation to shoot the messenger (me) must be almost irresistible.


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