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Articles by Sander A. Flaum

Leadership: Wake Up Call

Feb 1, 2006

Corporate leaders' short-sighted focus on EPS and analyst expectations leaves the US workforce far behind its international counterparts when it comes to cultivating innovation. It's time we stepped up to the plate.

Leadership: 100 Days of Scrutiny

New leaders are judged by first impressions. Smart ones use their
Jan 1, 2006

Leaders who are new on the job should get out of their nice offices and go sit with their direct reports. Sit with them in their spaces, over lunch or coffee—anyplace but your space. You want them to be completely comfortable.

Leadership: Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

We need to celebrate selfless bravery, but will our culture let us? A debate.
Dec 1, 2005

In an article for the New York Times, reporter Damien Cave pointed out how few heroes have been publicly recognized by the Administration in the current war. Despite the fact that there have been incredible acts of heroism and gutsy leadership on the ground of this Iraq war, the powers that be, for the most part, are calling no attention to it—at least no prime-time attention. Damien's most damning example came from Major Bruce Norton, a military historian and author of Encyclopedia of American Military Heroes, who recounted how a Marine recently received his Navy Cross, the second-highest military honor—not with ceremony and honor, but in the mail.

Leadership: Feed the Heart

If you want great minds and great spirits working for you, stop and ask yourself: Do those people perform just for money?
Oct 1, 2005

There comes a point when people have enough stuff in their lives, but they can never have enough meaning. Leaders have to find opportunities for their eams to do more than turn the machine of profit.

Leadership: The Battle or the Dance?

Good leaders need a streak of paranoia. Or do they? A father and son debate.
Aug 1, 2005

Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Leadership: Not Braver. . . Boulder

Sisyphus kept pushing a rock up a hill, but never got anywhere. Sound like anyone you know?
Jul 1, 2005

We all remember the Greek myth about old King Sisyphus. In life, he was a trickster, but the gods got the last laugh in the afterlife by making it his fate to push a huge boulder up a mountain only to see it roll down just before reaching the summit—again and again for all eternity.

Leadership: What Have You Learned Today?

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it saves leaders. When you're through learning and changing—you're dead.
Jun 1, 2005

If you're working your way up, or failing on a regular basis, it makes sense to keep learning and embrace change. But if all is going well, what is your motivation to keep learning and changing as necessary?

Leadership: Is Work/Life Balance Possible?

Father and son debate the alternatives: Should American workers toughen up—or does business need a new paradigm?
May 1, 2005

The Boomer generation has created weekend dads and TV dinners.

Leadership: Listen Up Leaders: Get Out of the Way!

The next Big Idea will probably come from your people. Does your company have the engine to harvest it?
Apr 1, 2005

Creativity that spawns innovation transcends the daily workplace grind and shows up in unexpected areas.


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