Articles by Walter Armstrong - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Walter Armstrong

How the FDA Grew

Nov 1, 2010

A timeline of some of the landmark legislation, court decisions, and drug scandals that helped forge the FDA

When the Payer IS the Player

As Medicare, Medicaid, and the nation's vast web of private payers consolidate and gain market power, how can pharma stay ahead of the cost-containment curve? Pharm Exec hosts a conversation between two experts on each side of the payer and pharma divide
Oct 1, 2010

As Medicare, Medicaid, and the nation's web of private payers gain market power, how can pharma stay ahead of the cost-containment curve?

Is There a Balm for Gilead?

Sep 1, 2010

A new leader, a big acquisition, and a bold investment in HIV may all be in the works at Gilead. But what will it take to restore the glory days?

Mr. Quality Goes to Washington

Don Berwick, whose pioneering ideas about quality and safety are all over the healthcare reform bill, was just tapped by President Obama to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. His mission is to translate the new law he helped inspire into practice. But with Republicans, industry lobbyists, and his own bureaucracy so invested in the status quo, what are Berwick’s odds for success?
Aug 1, 2010

Berwick's mission: To successfully translate the new healthcare bill into practice.

Crackdown on the C-Suite

Jun 1, 2010

Lewis Morris, top lawyer in HHS's office of inspector general, explains his new move to target pharma execs for serious and ongoing healthcare fraud.

Pharma's Orphans

May 1, 2010

The Orphan Drug Act of 1983 has been a roaring success. So why is everybody trying to mess with it?

Brave Neuro World

Cosmetic neurology is a massive off-label market, but pharma has tended to look the other way. FDA may be about to change all that
Apr 1, 2010

Cognitive enhancement is a $20 billion market of aging Boomers, cramming students, global travelers, and battling soldiers. What's pharma going to do about it.

The Race Is On

Mar 1, 2010

Several leading pharmas may already have a drug for a retrovirus linked to chronic fatigue disease. Has medicine's "problem child" finally earned the industry's respect?

Shire on the Wire

Feb 1, 2010

The British specialty shop was once a laughing stock. Now it’s one of pharma’s fastest growing mid-size firms, with a patent cliff bridged and a biotech engine of orphan drugs. So why does CEO Angus Russell fret that success might spoil Shire?


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