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Articles by Brittany Agro

AgencyRx for Novartis's Femara

Mar 1, 2009

In its campaign for Novartis Oncology's Femara, an aromatase inhibitor (AI), AgencyRx developed simple and haunting creative by keeping science as the focal point. "Its simplicity is very powerful. But at the same time, simplicity doesn't belittle it," says Michael Schreiber, managing partner, creative director. "It makes it that much more devastating."

Physicians Continue to Limit Face Time with Reps

Feb 18, 2009

SK&A released grim news last week - nearly two-thirds of sales reps are either banned or forced to make an appointment before they can set foot in a doctor?s office.

RxClub Awards 2008: Powerful & Simple

Nov 1, 2008

Top Rx Club Award winners exhibit qualities that ironically juxtapose industry's paradigm (pdf)

Docs Rock the Vote

Nov 1, 2008

Medical journal advertising takes center stage at the sixth-annual Doctor's Choice Awards

State Bill Nixes Gifts But Still Restricts

Jul 23, 2008

The Massachusetts House of Representatives cuts a proposal to ban gifts and adds a revision that would cease the sale of prescription data.

PhRMA Says No to Tchotchkes

Jul 16, 2008

The new Phrma marketing code bans pens and pads and other non-educational gifts. It bans dinners with docs (but not the lunch-and-learn). And it requires compliance. Are we safer yet?


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