Articles by William Looney - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by William Looney

Big Stakes in Small Things

Dec 1, 2013

New and emerging technologies are noteworthy not simply for the excellent science behind them but also for the way they expose those raw edges of the industry's business model.

Executive Profile: United BioSource's Patrick Lindsay

Dec 1, 2013

For Patrick Lindsay, providing decision support across the full product life cycle is no stretch goal—it's today's fact of life

Pharm Exec Roundtable on Market Access

Nov 25, 2013

Pharm Exec convenes a diverse panel of experts to identify the key markers of common ground: its time, people, and money against that greatest intangible—hope.

Payers: Late for the Party?

Nov 1, 2013

Pharm Exec's two key features this month illustrate the strategic contradiction facing today's industry.

Taking Stock: Notes on the Industry Audit

Oct 1, 2013

Our October issue highlights a latent threat to Big Pharma: the behavioral mindset that may be best characterized as "ageing in place."

Trying to Control Pharma Costs?

Sep 1, 2013

A key issue for biopharma marketers today is balancing cost and value factors around specialty biologic drugs, particularly those for cancer and other high profile, lifealtering diseases.

Crunch TIme for Emerging Markets

Sep 1, 2013

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

What Makes an Emerging Pharma Leader

Aug 14, 2013

Editorial Director William Looney discusses the five essential characteristics exhibited by the more than 200 men and women selected by Pharmaceutical Executive as Emerging Pharma Leaders

Breaching the Great Wall

Aug 1, 2013

With a revision of China's basic drug approval law now underway, a multinational team of experts is proposing major changes to make the country a world class player in innovation.


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