Articles by Stan Bernard, MD - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Stan Bernard, MD

Back to the Pharma Future

The product feast has turned to famine-now where do companies turn?
Oct 1, 2004

Recognize that the drug drought is the "disease" underlying many of pharma's troubling symptoms, and the cure becomes apparent.

The 5 Myths of Pharmacogenomics

Oct 1, 2003

Prevailing notions about PGx are often based on misconceptions. But in reality, the Technology plays a vital role in pharma's business today.

The Drug Drought

Nov 1, 2002

Pharma can alleviate its dry spell by leveraging new R&D technologies, marketing and digitizing clinical trials, and achieving “preferred partner” status.

Striking the Right Balance

There's a new way to reduce consulting costs-and develop in-house intellectual capital at the same time.
Feb 1, 2002

It's time for the big project. Top management in a leading pharma company wants executive A, a rising star in the marketing department, to evaluate a new technology's impact on the industry-and on his company. The technology has the potential to dramatically affect not only pharmaceutical discovery and development but also marketing and sales. But there are many factors to analyze, and no one in his company has the expertise to do it.

The Reality of Virtual Reality

Mar 1, 2001

Of course, Digital Pharma and the drug Virtua are fantasy. But the digital technologies highlighted in the fictional news story are available today.


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