Articles by Sander A. Flaum - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Sander A. Flaum

The Sweet Sweat of Success

Persistence is will. It is the ability to view difficulty simply as territory through which you must navigate.
Dec 1, 2004

The most important activity going on in any given situation is what's happening inside your head.

The Boy Who Would Be CEO

I read something in the May issue of the London Financial Times that struck a chord with me: a feature titled, "I want to be like youadvice for the would-be CEO."
Nov 1, 2004

My advice to all young people is to find that thing you feel incomparably called to do. If the task gets deep enough into your guts, you might have no option but to lead.

Knowing When to Say No

Coach Lombardi said, "Winning is the only thing." But a true leader carefully picks the fights he wants to wage and win.
Oct 1, 2004

After being in management for 30 years, your instincts tell you which people are open to new ideas and who just likes to hear himself talk.

Apprentices Needed

Reality show energizes young work force and suggests how to fill leadership gap.
Sep 1, 2004

The show zeroed in on a central gap in American business today: the lack of real management training programs.


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