Articles by Joanna Breitstein - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Joanna Breitstein

Creativity Without Borders

Ad agencies far and wide are transcending boundaries of all types.
Nov 1, 2004

Junction 11 Advertising continued its winning streak with direct messages and haunting images that have become characteristic of the Risperdal campaign.

Think Small Grow Big

After Adderall, what's next for Shire? CEO Matthew Emmens thinks the answer lies in a simple strategy.
Jul 1, 2004

After Adderall, what's next for Shire? CEO Matthew Emmens thinks the answer lies in a simple strategy.

DTC's Next Chapter

Marketers spent the last 10 years learning how to advertise to consumers -- the next 10 will be about integrating those efforts.
Jun 1, 2004

Orchestra conductors may, at first, seem like an unlikely comparison for pharma marketers. After all, a conductor's job is to ensure that each instrument harmonizes with others within the section; that all the sections complement one another; and that the timing, tone, and pitch of each disparate part are flawlessly executed. But when one appreciates the challenges facing executives today in integrating all components into the marketing mix, the analogy seems appropriate.

The Making of a New Disease

Science is beginning to understand the role of insulin resistance. Now it's industry's turn to draw the blueprints for the biggest market yet.
Jan 1, 2004

Think back: When did you first hear the phrase metabolic syndrome? When did it start to become part of your business and its plans?

A New Deal with Managed Care

A PE Roundtable
Sep 1, 2003

Pharmaceutical Executive challenges 21 experts to grapple with the future of the healthcare system.

Company in Waiting

Yamanouchi Pharma America Expects Its First Approval
Jul 1, 2003

Paramus Road in New Jersey is a construction zone, filled with cars edging their way past lots slated for shopping plazas, food joints, and industrial office parks. Along that thoroughfare-near small pharma companies like Faulding and Synaptic and just a few miles away from Roche-lies Yama-nouchi Pharma America (YPA). Like the environment unfolding around it, YPA is in the process of becoming.

HBA's 2003 Woman of the Year

Catherine Sohn Guides GSK's Consumer Powerhouse
Apr 1, 2003

In hindsight, it seems Catherine Angell Sohn, PharmD, was destined to become vice-president, worldwide business development for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSKCH). Sohn, a former pharmacist, architect of three Rx blockbuster launches, and engineer of innumerable partnerships and licensing agreements, is a pivotal link between GSK's pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare.

Membership Has Its Privileges

DIA Remains Committed to Quality, Individuals
Mar 1, 2003

All is quiet at the Drug Information Association's new headquarters, a short ride from the hubbub of Philadelphia. But inside, the association buzzes with change as it harnesses the expertise and energy of its members to improve healthcare around the world. Now approaching its 40th year, DIA is expanding both its educational programs and its global reach.

War on Abuse, Not Patients

Feb 1, 2003

Abuse of Purdue Pharma's chronic pain treatment OxyContin (oxycodone), a class II narcotic analgesic, began to receive intense media scrutiny in early 2001. Teenagers and young adults had begun abusing the medication, and the consumer media jumped in to cover this new "drug de jour," calling it the next crack cocaine because of its potential for addiction. But patients, many of them suffering from cancer, say it's heaven-sent and the only medication that provides them with continual pain relief. Here, Michael Friedman, Purdue's executive vice-president and COO, describes the balancing act his company must maintain to combat OxyContin abuse without restricting patient access.


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