Articles by Sarah Houlton - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Sarah Houlton

Global Report: Chemicals Legislation in Europe

Chemicals legislation in Europe may affect pharma's relationship with suppliers.
Mar 1, 2006

Drugs are not directly addressed in Europe's new legislation for chemicals. But they'll be affected, because chemicals are used in drug manufacturing.

Global Report: Moving Towards Generic Biologics

EMEA opens the door a crack. Generic biologics push for minimal testing.
Feb 1, 2006

In Europe, seven of the top-10 injectible drugs are biologics. Generic versions could be priced 25 to 40 percent lower than prescriptions.

Global Report: The UK's New Code of Conduct

New code of conduct in the United Kingdom goes further than PhRMA's.
Jan 1, 2006

Serious offenders of the new Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry's Code of Practice can be "named and shamed" with adverts in the trade press. Details of breaches by companies will be posted online.

Global Report: Wanted: Attention

Bird flu is number one on the media's agenda. But other diseases need better immunization, too.
Dec 1, 2005

The biggest threat to the success of polio eradication is Nigeria, where the immunization program was suspended on religious grounds in some parts of the country in 2003 and 2004.

Global Report: Drug Evaluation in the UK

Nov 1, 2005

Genentech and Biogen's MabThera has been awaiting NICE appraisal for three years. Merck KGaA's Erbitux has waited two-and-a-half years. A ruling on AstraZeneca's Arimidex isn't expected for more than a year.

Global Report: Animal Attacks

A guinea-pig breeder caves in to activist pressure, and scientists take a stand for animals in research.
Oct 1, 2005

UK courts are affirming the belief that medical research and drug development have made a huge contribution to people's quality of life, and that a small but vital part of that work involves the use of animals.

Global Report: Kids 'R' EU

After years of delay, the European Parliament is ready to vote on pediatric-testing legislation.
Sep 1, 2005

If the legislation passes, companies will be rewarded with a six-month extension of market exclusivity if they conduct pediatric trials. And under the proposal, companies that fail to comply can be penalized.

Global Report: Big Disadvantage

Is the European Commission's definition of market dominance too narrow? AstraZeneca thinks so
Aug 1, 2005

SPCs extend a drug's basic patent protection for up to five years, to take into account the time that may have lapsed between the filing of a patent application and the granting of market authorization.

Global Report: Still Waiting

Industry and traders both want a decision on parallel trade in Europe—but not the same one.
Jul 1, 2005

Traders say parallel distribution of drugs generates savings for patients. Industry says it creates more profits for traders, leaving pharma with less R&D funding.


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