Articles by Patrick Clinton - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Patrick Clinton

From the Editor: Taking It Outside

Apr 1, 2007

There are whistleblowers who bring wrongdoing to light. But there are also whistleblowers whose main complaint is "I should have won." FDA seems to suffer from a serious oversupply of the second sort.

From the Editor: Incurable

Mar 1, 2007

There are good reasons why we shouldn't permit lifestyle drugs on the market. But as a society, we've already shown that those reasons don't mean much to us.

From the Editor: Meaningless

Feb 1, 2007

A new bill says HHS has to negotiate Medicare drug prices with pharma companies. It won't work—but that's not the biggest thing wrong with it.

From the Editor: Left Out

Jan 1, 2007

A new GAO report sets out to explain why drug development is so expensive and what to do about it. What the report says is important, but what it leaves out is a sense of how the world of pharma actually works.

From the Editor: Taken Away

Dec 1, 2006

To one major legal scholar, drug safety regulation isn't just about meeting standards, it's about what you take away from one group of patients in order to benefit the rest.

From the Editor: Under Revision

Nov 1, 2006

The US Department of Justice thinks that "Average Wholesale Price" should mean just what the words say—no more, no less. Why? It's never meant that before.

Man in a Hurry

Bureaucratic? Bayer? Not if you ask Arthur Higgins. In just over two years, the head of Bayer HealthCare has proved that pharma can be a quick and nimble business.
Nov 1, 2006

When Arthur Higgins first announced that he was about to take the reins of the healthcare group at Bayer, in 2004, colleagues were surprised.

From the Editor: In Conflict

Oct 1, 2006

The problem isn't that there's conflict between safety and efficacy or between getting a useful medicine to market and protecting the public from a dangerous one. The problem is that the conflict isn't well structured. That needs to change.

Learn & Confirm

At Wyeth, a sweeping set of initiatives is transforming the R&D operation—and spotlighting a possible futurefor drug development.
Oct 1, 2006

In revamping its R&D department, Wyeth "really looked for people who were not going to give us the same old, 'This is how you do pharmaceutical development, dah-dah-dah,' but who could really think of different ways of doing things."


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