Articles by Marylyn Donahue - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Marylyn Donahue

Introduction: Nothing New

Oct 15, 2007

Sometimes looking back is a way to look forward

Elevate Your Event-Marketing Program

5 things to do in the next six months A talk with Carol Krugman
Sep 1, 2007

Go with the tools that make money, save money, or improve your audience's interaction with your product and your corporate brand.

R&D: A Merck in Progress

Gary Herman, head of the new experimental-medicine division, is teaching Merck's storied scientists to fail...faster
Sep 1, 2007

That was the collective vow sworn by Big Pharma last December following Pfizer's $1 billion–down–the–tubes withdrawal of the cholesterol compound they had touted as the most important drug of the decade. The question is, What's the right organizational construct to support innovation—or at least to stop Phase III failures?

Meeting Planning: We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Meetings expert James Montague explains why the industry needed an independent program to certify medical meeting managers—and what he did about it
Sep 1, 2007

When it comes to pharma, arguably the most scrutinized industry in the world, meeting planning takes on a whole new importance. With so much at stake, it is imperative for the planners of medical meetings to know the ropes, especially in terms of understanding government-and industry-imposed regulations. How then do you make sure the third-party planners you hire know what they're doing?

Introduction: For Your Eyes Only

Jun 18, 2007

Everyone knows someone who knows everything about restaurants in a given city. Not just the best restaurants, but the restaurants best suited for whatever the occasion.

Mr. Big

Nick Colucci
Jun 18, 2007

OK, a parent company is a holding company that owns enough voting stock in another firm to control management and operations by influencing or electing its board of directors. In other words, it maximizes shareholder value. Still, what does it mean for an agency and, in turn, a client to be under a big top? To find out AGENCY CONFIDENTIAL brazenly elbowed its way into the executive offices of two men who should know: Nick Colucci, recently named president and CEO of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, one of the largest healthcare groups in the world; and Scott Cotherman, CEO of Corbett Accel Healthcare Group, a parent company for eight business units and a member of the Omnicom Group.

Cherchez La Femme

Jun 18, 2007

Women are everywhere. Healthcare advertising has to be one of the few businesses where so many women occupy top positions and actually make a living wage. OK, maybe they're not always at the top, top, but the glass ceiling is high and underneath is a mob of dynamic women (CEOs, presidents, creative directors, senior copywriters, etc.). We couldn't even begin to interview them all. Here are just a few.

Tracking Down the Best Agency...For You

Jun 18, 2007

Track down standout healthcare agencies using legal means. Your purpose: to assist prospective clients in choosing the right agency for their brands. Find out what makes agencies tick. See what's in their toolboxes. Go behind closed doors. Observe agencies' physical environment, note how they work. Take stock of the company's internal culture. Are the employees engaged, happy? Gather whatever information (i.e., facts, gossip, samples of work) and/or anything else that might be helpful to prospective clients. Take pictures of key principals at work and at play (if possible). Deconstruct the agency's proprietary approaches and strategic processes. Translate them into language an eighth-grader can understand.

The Organizational Man

Scott Cotherman
Jun 18, 2007

Scott Cotherman has a thing for companies. He flat out loves them. Most of all, he loves making them into something bigger and better. He worked his magic on Chicago's Corbett Agency in the late '90s when, as COO, he transformed it from a regional agency into a global medical-communications company serving mega-brands. And in 2004, he was the brains behind the merging of the Corbett and Accel agencies that transformed them into the Corbett Accel Healthcare Group (a member of the Omnicom Group, the world's largest advertising holding company). Under his leadership, as CEO, the combined entity has since doubled in size. It now includes Accel Health, Corbett, Surge, Iris, and Kinect. Cotherman, who combines Midwestern warmth with CEO sophistication, describes himself as being passionate about organizations, transformational change, leadership development, and the future. AGENCY CONFIDENTIAL met with him recently over a lunch of chicken sandwiches, potato chips, and Diet Cokes. An engaging story-teller, he has..


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