Articles by Sarah Houlton - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Sarah Houlton

Global Report: Iron Fist

The United Kingdom is hardening its stance on industry issues.
May 1, 2005

A recently released report claims pharma hides bad clinical trial results and over-promotes drugs. Tougher regs are being called for.

Global Report: Generics' New Powerhouse

Novartis rivals Teva for the top spot in generics manufacturing.
Apr 1, 2005

Conventional wisdom says that generics businesses are a drain on valuable resources. But these units are much less prone to the disastrous drug safety panics that Big Pharma has recently endured.

Global Report

EMEA's head wants a separate safety agency. Is that a good thing?
Mar 1, 2005

Pharma companies in Europe believe that it already takes too long for new medicines to reach patients. Separate bodies for efficacy and safety will lead to further delays.

Filling the Gaps

A new report identifies 17 conditions that need better therapies.
Jan 1, 2005

Heading the WHO list are pandemic influenza and antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. Together the two could kill millions.

When Is Enough?

The UK government extracts more pharma price concessions
Dec 1, 2004

The British trade association says the cuts are unnecessary because drug prices have fallen in real terms by 10-15 percent during the last 10 years while the UK government's budget has remained steady.

Time for Transparency

Medical journals call for the publication of all clinical trials.
Nov 1, 2004

If trial results never reach the public, researchers could waste time repeating lines of inquiry that have already proven unsuccessful.

Fakes Hit British Pharmacies

After a 10-year absence, counterfeit drugs turn up in the United Kingdom.
Oct 1, 2004

The fakes likely entered the market through internet commerce, yet the government seems to be encouraging online pharmacies by discussing a shakeup of retail drugstores.

Activists Feel the Squeeze

The UK government cracks down again on animal rights protesters.
Sep 1, 2004

Between January and June this year, 45 UK vendors capitulated to the activists and stopped supplying pharma companies.

UK Companies Explore Marijuana Derivatives

Nov 1, 2002

Current lawmakers make frown on cannabis use, but for thousands of years people used it to treat conditions as diverse as rheumatism, convulsions, tumors, and pain. Now the small, private UK company Oxford Natural Products has completed Phase I trials on a cannabis derivative for treating post-operative and cancer pain.


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