Articles by Patrick Clinton - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Patrick Clinton

From the Editor: Undecided

Sep 1, 2006

The world according to New Hampshire: Doctors prescribe expensive drugs because pharma reps sell them. Interfere with the selling, and you'll cut down on the prescribing. It's a plan. But for what?

From the Editor: Take Your Seat

Aug 1, 2006

The road forward for both public health and the industry is going to require more trust and intimacy, not less, between patients, physicians, FDA, and pharma. Patients need to see a fully functioning set of checks and balances—not what they're seeing today.

From the Editor: Are We Hungry Yet?

Jul 1, 2006

I needed to eat. I even wanted to eat. Instead, I sat in front of my hospital lunch tray, unable to face up to a carton of red Jell-O. When you think of it, that's a situation most of us face (minus the Jell-O) every day in business.

From the Editor: Forecast — and Fast

Jun 1, 2006

At the rate science is progressing, there may be more new knowledge in the next 25 years than in the past 100. That's great news, but not if you are planning to run your business as you run it today.

From the Editor: Mixed Signals

May 1, 2006

Where is pharma going? Toward more science, and more political pressure on science. Toward greater patient responsibility—and more regulation-by-lawsuit. And forward. Let's not forget about forward.

New Licensing and Development Agreements

Apr 26, 2006

During the past two weeks, companies from a half dozen states and three foreign lands joined forces. Here?s an update on who?s working with whom.

Court Says Agency Must Decide on Generic HGH

Apr 26, 2006

A federal district court ruled that FDA cannot fail to rule on a Sandoz's application for approval of omnitrope, a human growth hormone, just because it has no policy for generic biologics. Court watchers say the decision may help other generic biologics move forward in the approvals process.

From the Editor: Attack from Below

Apr 1, 2006

Safety advocates want to make it tougher for new drugs to win FDA approval. Consumer advocates want to make it legal to import drugs from abroad. Put those ideas together, and what have you got?

Deal Making: Who's Coming to the Table

Noteworthy license deals and alliances
Apr 1, 2006

Acquired: Intellectual property and technologies related to RNAi, therapeutics for respiratory diseases From: Galenea, Cambridge, MA By: Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Bothell, WA Terms: Not disclosed


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