Articles by Sibyl Shalo - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Sibyl Shalo

Trauma is Treatable

Oct 1, 2001

ER star Noah Wylie and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) survivor Kellie Greene help educate YWCA professional staff about the causes and treatments of PTSD. The program, Moving Past Trauma, is cosponsored by Pfizer and the YWCA and aims to train other professionals such as rape crisis counselors, police, firefighters, and emergency room personnel about the disorder. Pfizer's antidepressant Zoloft (sertraline) recently won FDA approval for long-term treatment of PTSD, its sixth indication. Zoloft was approved for PTSD in 1999. Other indications include panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and major depression.

A Shot in the Arm

Oct 1, 2001

Many physicians are turning toward online resources to access flu vaccinations for their patients. Currently, doctors don't readily offer them because the cost is too high and the reimbursement rate is too low.

Media Mix Town Meeting 2001: Much Ado About Media

There were more questions than answers among marketing experts who debated the question: Media blending for pharmaceutical branding - does pharma need a brand new mix?
Sep 1, 2001

The unprecedented proliferation of new digital and traditional media vehicles is surpassed only by the continued growth of pharma marketing budgets and promotional spending. The combination of the two has generated an industry stir-among product managers, their agency partners, and publishers-about what constitutes the optimal media mix for today's pharma brands.

Discovery! Oncology: Covering the Bases

With a savvy patient population and a host of genetically targeted therapies in the pipeline, oncology marketers have to temper opportunity with caution
Jun 1, 2001

The world's steadily growing oncology market features key elements that are common to all competitors in the category: a highly respected sales forces, sophisticated and deeply involved patients and caregivers, clinically entrepreneurial physicians, and a dynamic global regulatory environment. Yet the uncharted territory of cancer breakthroughs demands that pharma marketers temper a strategy of progressive risk with caution.

Discovery! Neurology: The Top Ten Marketing Challenges in Neurology

Feb 1, 2001

In a complex future that promises some of the most revolutionary treatments ever developed, marketing plans cannot be built early enough.

Global Bioeconomy Shapes Pharma Future

Jan 1, 2001

Based in London, Ken Lacey is a global managing partner in the pharmaceuticals and medical products practice of Accenture, formerly known as Andersen Consulting.

Patient Forum: Guinea Pig, Interrupted

Jan 1, 2001

Last year, with great expectations, a thousand of us put our health, our careers, our relationships, our hope, and our futures in the hands of the company that pledged its commitment to us more than a decade ago when it introduced Prozac (fluoxetine). We were in the hands of the franchise leader, the big company with the big heart for people with depressive disorders and schizophrenia-disorders that few other companies addressed with the same dedication.


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