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Articles by Patrick Clinton

From the Editor: Fine Whines

Mar 1, 2006

The newspapers seem shocked to learn that scientific journals occasionally publish things that aren't true. Where have they been?

Market Research Roundtable

Using Research to Understand a Changing Marketplace
Mar 1, 2006

Understanding how drugs are bought and paid for has always been a bit complicated. People used to say that pharma had two customers—physicians and patients. Only one of them used the drug, and neither of them knew the price. My, how times have changed. Now the industry has so many customers, it needs to stop and get to know them all over again. And that's at a time when drugs worth tens of billions of dollars are going off patent. To map pharma's shifting landscape, Pharm Exec convened a group of top market researchers to discuss the issues shaping an evolving industry. Topics ranged far and wide, from the advent of Medicare Part D, to the new focus on adherence, the role of international markets, even the brave new world of marketing to seniors' children.

From the Editor: Terrorism: The Cliff Notes

Feb 1, 2006

Is the public ready for an exciting thriller about terrorism, drug counterfeiting, valiant FDA agents, and glamorous women who invite pharma CEOs to come up and look at their drug patents? Sure. Maybe someone should write one.

What Ever Happened to Critical Path

FDA's ambitious program to improve drug development disappeared from view almost as soon as it was announced. Suddenly, it's back, but is it here to stay?
Jan 1, 2006

To Janet Woodcock, Critical Path hasn't been dying, it's been getting work done."People shouldn't underestimate the difficulties of creating new models. A lot of things worth doing can't happen quickly."

From the Editor: A Wild 25

Jan 1, 2006

Witnessing an industry's wild ride is perhaps the best reason to work for a business magazine. You've given us 25 years of excitement. And we plan to pay you back.

PharmExec's 2006 Forecast

Dec 1, 2005

Medicare Part D launches. $23 billion worth of patents expire. FDA wrestles with safety issues. Pharma prepares for unprecedented cost cutting and restructuring. 2006 promises to be banner year—if you like roller coasters.

From the Editor: Double-Standard Drugs

Dec 1, 2005

The public is focused on drug safety, but the real issue isn't approval standards. It's the way drugs expand to unapproved new indications. Are you listening, Acomplia?

From the Editor: Lost World

Nov 1, 2005

Leo H. Sternbach's death feels like the end of an era, a time when the new drugs came easily and it was possible to have a huge impact on patients, then turn around and do it again.

Are We Aligned Yet? A Medicare Part D Roundtable

Nov 1, 2005

The most salient feature of the Medicare prescription drug benefit is its uncertainties. That was perhaps the key insight at a roundtable conducted by Pharmaceutical Executive in conjunction with the executive summit "Medicare Part D: Can There Be Alignment Between Government Goals and Industry Opportunity?" cosponsored by this magazine and Model N, a revenue management-solution provider. With a panel that included representatives from pharma, the legal community, prescription benefit managers, and data and service providers, the roundtable looked at the goals of Part D, the threats and opportunities it presents to stakeholders, the skills companies need to develop, and the way the playing field is likely to change over the next few years. What follows is an edited version of the conversation.


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