Articles by Joanna Breitstein - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Joanna Breitstein

Organized Accountability for Quality Care

Aug 1, 2002

David Shulkin, MD, compares hospitals' current adoption of patient safety officers (PSO) to ten years ago, when healthcare systems began naming chief medical officers (CMO). As the first CMO of the University of Pennsylvania health system and the first appointed CMO of any academic medical center, Shulkin remembers the "slow and painful process" he and his colleagues experienced when undertaking new roles and how difficult it was to create everything-from job descriptions to definitions of success-from scratch.

Summer Reading

Jul 1, 2002

Students or executives interested in entering the pharma marketing arena-or pros looking to brush up on basics-can get some industry insight and practical advice by checking out two recently published books.

Conference Capsule: Building Out 'E'

Jul 1, 2002

The 500 attendees of the spring 2002 ePharma Summit, which included pharma marketers, e-communications managers, and technology providers, maintained a "buyer beware" outlook. As healthcare companies integrate technology applications into offline activities, they continue to seek definitive return on investment (ROI) from those initiatives.

Hepatitis Market Grows, Along with Awareness

Jul 1, 2002

Consumer publications have devoted significant space and attention to hepatitis C, also known as HCV, for the past several months. Although it's tempting to attribute that buzz to actress Pamela Anderson's public declaration that she contracted the condition from her ex-husband, MÖtley CrÜe guitarist Tom-my Lee, the truth is that pharma companies and government organizations were active in that disease area before 1997, when the National Institute of Health (NIH) held its first consensus conference on the topic.

From Phenotype to Genotype: Amersham Health Paves the Way

Jun 1, 2002

Terminally ill patients often wonder about the roles of timing and fate in determining their life's course. If only they had been tested or diagnosed earlier; if only the doctors had found the tumor before it metastasized. As purveyors of science and administrators of public health, the world's pharma companies and physicians struggle to intervene earlier-indeed to predict and prevent disease-before it's too late.

Hollywood Stigma Buster

May 1, 2002

The Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind landed a place in history by raising disease awareness through its portrayal of mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr.'s struggle with schizophrenia. With a main character clearly outside the stereotypic box to which most Hollywood depictions of psychiatric patients routinely fall-consider Psycho and Me, Myself and Irene-the film brings insight, awareness, and education about mental illness into the realm of popular culture.

The Patient and the Pocketbook

May 1, 2002

A recent study in the Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine found that a tabletop asthma monitoring device can help improve kids' asthma management skills and positively affect health outcomes.

Enabling Genetic Technologies

May 1, 2002

As the fanfare over the sequencing of the human genome fades, the spotlight turns to the "shovel and pans" companies offering the tools investors are betting on to make "gene to drug" a reality.

Ads in Real Time

May 1, 2002

The number of internet users accessing the web through wireless devices is likely to skyrocket in the next five years as web-enabled cell phones and PDAs proliferate.


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