Articles by Jill Wechsler - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Jill Wechsler

Tackling Transparency

Jul 1, 2010

Drug prices, doctor payments, and FDA regulatory decisions are candidates for expanded disclosure.

Crackdown on Counterfeits

Jun 1, 2010

FDA and industry seek to ensure drug quality in a world complicated by global outsourcing and theft.

Pharma's Big Tradeoff

May 1, 2010

Under the new healthcare regime, pharma will ante up fees and rebates in return for expanded sales and safeguards.

Science to the Rescue

Commissioner Hamburg aims to regain public confidence in FDA by bolstering its scientific expertise. All she needs is more money.
Apr 1, 2010

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg looks to bolster the agency's scientific expertise.

E-Health to Drive Drug Safety

Mar 1, 2010

FDA's new Sentinel System is going live, but the signals may be difficult to assess.

No Real New Money for Drug Regulation

Feb 10, 2010

Added funds for FDA to come from new user fees, largely for food and tobacco regulation.

Vaccines and Value

Feb 1, 2010

R&D is surging, but new methods and data raise new manufacturing and regulatory challenges.

Change Agent

Jan 6, 2010

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg has a history of health advocacy and a clear mandate to transform the agency. But can she succeed where others have failed?

The Big Shift

Jan 1, 2010

Pharma must confront regulatory and marketing challenges in a global competitive environment.


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