Articles by Patrick Clinton - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Patrick Clinton

Playing Doctor

Jul 1, 2005

If congressmen gathered to work through the nuances of banning ED drugs from reimbursement under Medicare, they'd still back the ban. But the decision would be grounded in lack of faith in prescribing behavior, not disregard for a debilitating condition.

Risk: The Series

The Information Chain
Jun 1, 2005

Part of the value of a drug comes from the supply chain that protects its integrity. There's a similar supply chain that preserves the value of drug information. And it needs help.

Risk: The Series

May 1, 2005

A new TV doctor show features the most loathsome pharmaceutical executive in recent memory. But in another important way, the show is serving pharma's best interests.

The Problem With Bob

The worst thing about the appalling Enzyte commercials is that many viewers will think that they come from a pharma company. "Bob" is doing well—but at a cost to the public.
Apr 1, 2005

Could it be that someone's finally going to wipe the grin off Smiling Bob's face? As we were putting this issue to bed, the Cincinnati newspapers reported that federal agents had raided the offices of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, a company best known for its "natural male enhancement" pill, Enzyte, and for its repulsive television commercials starring Bob. The US Postal Service led the operation, which also included the FBI, IRS, and FDA. They froze bank accounts, sent employees home, and combed records, attempting to determine whether Berkeley, which has accumulated more than 5,000 complaints with the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau and the Ohio attorney general's office since 2001, had committed mail fraud.

Phase Six: Regain Confidence

Not since 1997 has the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association given its Woman of the Year distinction to someone from the agency world. A former nurse, researcher and Big Pharma exec, Lynn O'Connor Vos, CEO of Grey Healthcare Group and this year's honoree, is on a mission.
Apr 1, 2005

In a bright airy office above fifth avenue in New York, Lynn O'Connor Vos is talking about topics dear to her heart: trust—and how pharma can regain it—the need to put physicians back in the center of pharmaceutical marketing, and reinvention, a theme in her own life and the core to her approach to business.

Pharma's New Face

PhRMA's new president says his mission is to restore the reputation of national treasures. That's not just a PR goal. It's a recipe for reform.
Mar 1, 2005

We accept risk in every phase of our lives except drugs. There is a lot of risk to open-heart surgery. But I don’t hear anyone saying we need to stop doing it.

From the Editor

Too Many Solutions
Mar 1, 2005

In the drug safety debate, we're hearing plenty of potential solutions. They're smart and advance desirable goals. There's just one thing wrong with them: They don't solve the problem.

The Other Vioxx Scandal

Jan 1, 2005

It's hard to believe that patients and doctors could read Vioxx's prescribing information and not ask some serious safety questions. Why didn't they?

Telling Both Sides

Dec 1, 2004

Journalists try to tell both sides of a story. That's fine when there are two groups in conflict. But how do you tell the story right when the real conflict is between the two halves of one ambivalent opinion.


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