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Articles by Bill Trombetta

Bill Trombetta

Pharm Exec's 13th Annual Industry Audit
September 1, 2014

After a dip into negative territory in 2012, 2013 delivered a resurgence in sales revenues, but the turnaround only spotlights a larger trend: the growing divide between the big Pharmas and the more nimble players.

12th Annual Pharmaceutical Industry Audit
October 1, 2013

With revenues down and margins squeezed by a realigning payer pool, the power to price above the market is the ticket to the top—no discounts allowed.

Pharm Exec's 11th Annual Industry Audit
September 1, 2012

Shareholder value now depends on finding pockets of "good" growth, in segments with fewer players, and where expenses can be tightly controlled.

Pharm Exec's 10th Annual Industry Audit
September 1, 2011

Bill Trombetta surveys the landscape of pharma financials over the past year, and shows which companies rode the wave to the top of the industry in delivering value to shareholders.

Pharm Exec's Ninth Annual Industry Audit
September 1, 2010

Professor Bill Trombetta takes a snapshot of the "Glamour 24" companies shaping the pharma industry this year and beyond

Industry Audit 2009
September 1, 2009

Bill Trombetta expands his annual guide to stellar performance with the "Heavenly 27."

Industry Audit + Company of the Year 2008
September 1, 2008

Pharm Exec's 7th annual review of the top companies. We slice and dice the numbers to see who's the best a what. (pdf)

Stealth Pharmas
June 1, 2008

Second annual Not Big Pharma audit gives equal time to the little guys. Who's got the Midas touch?

Industry Audit 2007
September 1, 2007

For the sixth year in a row, Pharm Exec invites Professor Bill Trombetta of St. Joseph’s University to analyze the pharma industry's financial performance with a battery of business metrics, old and new. The highlights: Genentech pulls ahead of its longtime rival, Amgen. Forest delivers another strong performance, despite dropping revenue. Schering-Plough is building enterprise value. Biogen Idec racks up a stellar profit margin. And Merck? Well, Merck is back, baby. And the winner is…


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