Articles by Judith Braun-Davis - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Judith Braun-Davis

Judith Braun-Davis

Orchestrating Compliance
October 1, 2005

Product managers would be less disrupted if compliance activities at pharma companies were more anticipatory than reactionary.

50 5 2005
September 1, 2005

Implementation of policies that respond to industry compliance standards poses a considerable burden for companies in terms of time and expense. Unless industry changes its response to state laws, the condition will worsen.

Back Page: States Won't Wait for Feds
March 1, 2005

In 2002 it was the PhRMA Code, in 2003 it was the OIG's Guidance for Industry, and in 2004 it was Justice Department enforcement. Now, in 2005, it appears that regulation of the US pharma industry has a new focal point—state legislatures.


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