Articles by Sara Calabro - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Sara Calabro

Sara Calabro

King Without the Crown
June 1, 2006

Under King's old strategy, there was no link between business opportunity and R&D. Today, the company only goes after drugs that meet the criteria of its targeted approach to acquisition.

Genzyme: The Price of Success
March 1, 2006

Genzyme has an impressive international record in regions with intact healthcare systems. but so far, algeria is one of very few countries where genzyme's drugs have gone from free to paid for. the company is basing a huge investment on faith.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals is Soldiering On
November 1, 2005

Valeant is banking on Viramidine, a pro-drug of its longtime cash cow, ribavirin, to catapult the company to the next level.


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