Articles by Jeffrey T. Resnick - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Jeffrey T. Resnick

Jeffrey T. Resnick

Jeffrey T. Resnick is a principal and chief research officer for Rating Research LLC, based in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The Rise and Fall of Pharma Reputations
February 1, 2005

As a reputation driver, ethical behavior has increased steadily in importance over the last three years.

Reputation: The Inside Story
June 1, 2003

Even among industry insiders, company reputations are hard-earned and subject to change. Rating Research's (RRC) second annual Reputation Strength Study of the Pharmaceutical Industry surveyed financial analysts and industry senior executives to see how 19 companies stack up against each other and to see how their overall reputations changed from last year.

A Matter of Reputation
June 1, 2002

From Washington, DC, to company boardrooms to business schools, the debacle that led to the down-fall of Enron and Arthur Anderson has spawned a flurry of activity.


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