Articles by Andrew Parece, MBA - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Andrew Parece, MBA

Andrew Parece, MBA

Andrew Parece is managing principal of Analysis Group (

On-Market Pricing Strategies
April 1, 2013

List pricing strategies that diverge from these approaches without "hitting the cliff".

Your Patent is About to Expire: What Now?
November 1, 2004

Sometimes the loss of revenue from a branded drug can outweigh the royalty stream from an authorized generic.

Optimal Pricing Strategies
June 1, 2002

Pricing has never been more of a key issue for the industry than it is right now. Yet, even with the increased importance of pricing strategies, a lack of focus on critical market factors leads many manufacturers to forego profits or increase their vulnerability to aggressive payers. Aligning pricing and contracting can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage-if product managers objectively assess a product's clinical benefits and address two key questions:


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