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Articles by Anthony Tao

Anthony Tao

Preclinical Goes Digital
December 6, 2005

The electronic revolution in clinical trials is still a work in progress, but researchers say it's time to bring EDC to the preclinical world.

The Avian Few: Is it Too Late for Pharma to Re-enter the Vaccine Fray?
December 1, 2005

Like the course of a pandemic itself, the great avian influenza scare came in waves. In 1997, the first case of the now infamous H5N1 strain of bird flu emerged in Hong Kong, infecting 18 people and killing six. In late 2003 it struck again—more than 120 people fell ill and at least 60 died over the next two years. Then this fall, David Nabarro, MD, the UN coordinator for avian and human influenza, shocked everyone when he said a bird flu pandemic could claim up to 150 million lives—a figure the World Health Organization (WHO) quickly retracted.

Animal Rights Activists Create PR Crisis
November 22, 2005

Animal-rights activists call for attacks on testing facilities. Congress calls activists terrorists. Industry leaders propose a response.


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