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Articles by The Staff of Pharmaceutical Executive

The Staff of Pharmaceutical Executive

Tomorrow's Drugs
July 30, 2007

Have you heard the rumors that all the drugs have already been discovered? Well, forget it. Maybe some of the low-hanging fruit is gone—but in the last few years, science has opened up thousands of new targets, while new technologies have made it possible to treat disease in unprecedented ways.

December 1, 2006

This year's Pipeline Report profiles 32 compounds that are the early fruit of pharma's investment in targeted drug design. In diabetes, HIV, hepatitis C—and especially oncology—vibrant R&D is set to revolutionize treatment with new classes of drugs over the coming decade. We spotlight today's geeky names—the DPP-IVs and MK-0518s, the Tykerbs and Telaprevirs—that are most likely to be tomorrow's glam blockbusters. Even the year's downers—we're still waiting on Acomplia, Exubera is failing to live up to the hype—are reminders of how improvements in drug development, such as Phase 0, are helping industry in its drive to become more effective. Although riskier than squeezing me-too drugs out of proven products, targeted R&D is lighting pathways not only to cures of killer diseases but to a fresh paradigm of progress and profits, and to renewed confidence in the pharmaceutical industry. From where we stand, the future looks bright.


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