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Articles by Sander Flaum

Sander Flaum

Learning From Fast-Action Obama
March 1, 2009

Our new president came in with a 100-day plan. His execution may be less than perfect, but his make-change approach inspires confidence

Innovation Nation
February 1, 2009

The President is ready to spend heavily to help out economy. Let's invest in ideas that carry us forward.

Going for Gold
October 1, 2008

Try this one on for size: Multi-tasking isn't the path to greatness

Perfectly Imperfect
June 1, 2008

Everyone makes mistakes; how you handle them is the measure of a true leader

Staying in the Game
May 1, 2008

The tech-savvy creative team at Concentric Rx has its sales force mixing work and play

Will They Say You Were a Scrooge or a Saint?
September 1, 2007

This piece has nothing to do with the Blackstone Group or its CEO, Stephen A. Schwarzman. Well, maybe just a little.

Real Leaders Pay It Forward
July 30, 2007

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet: Their legacies will last long after the ink has dried on the latest "World's Richest People" list

Leadership: Outsmarting Your Competitors
June 1, 2007

The key to becoming a stronghold: Avoid an overfocus on your own business—and never stop being paranoid and opportunistic

Leadership: Getting on Board
May 1, 2007

Perhaps the biggest mistake a first-time leader can make is waiting until the job actually begins before going to work.


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