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Articles by Oriana Schwindt

Oriana Schwindt

PhRMA Announces Billy Tauzin's Successor
July 14, 2010

John Castellani received the nod from PhRMA on Tuesday to take over the role of president and CEO in September.

Berwick Appointed Head of CMS
July 8, 2010

With a long, hard fight looming, President Obama decided to go around Congress to install Don Berwick, founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, as the top administrator of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

Media Spend Trends
July 1, 2010

Pharma companies are starting to get back in the game with increased advertising spend in 2009. Do we have economic recovery to thank, or is there a deeper cause?

Sunshine Laws Stump Compliance Departments
April 28, 2010

A new Cegedim Dendrite study shows just how ill-equipped pharmaceutical companies are to deal with spending disclosure legislation, and how many are turning to third parties to do the job.

Woman of the Year: Deirdre Connelly
April 27, 2010

As head of GSK's North American pharma, Deirdre Connelly has the daunting challenge of trying to turn around the sluggish US market. If she succeeds, Connelly may find herself auditioning as the first female Big Pharma CEO.

Clinical Trial Diversity and You
April 14, 2010

Lilly's aggressive approach to shrinking the racial gap in drug trials might indicate big changes for the drugmaking process.

GSK Inks $1.5 Billion Collaboration Deal with Isis
March 31, 2010

Glaxo and Isis formed a billion-dollar alliance to create new RNA therapies for the rare and infectious disease segment. The key ingredient in the deal is Isis' drug discovery platform. Could it be a game changer? GSK thinks so.

Astellas' Hostile Takeover Turns Even More Hostile
March 3, 2010

The Japan-based company filed a lawsuit against OSI Pharmaceuticals for rejecting its tender offer, but will this strategy work?

Web Infinity - And Beyond!
March 3, 2010

Three ad agencies came up with two similarly designed ways of keeping track of online healthcare conversation, harnessing the power of social media sites like Twitter and Digg.


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