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Articles by Jacky Law

Jacky Law

Jacky Law has been writing about healthcare for 25 years and is the author of Big Pharma (Constable and Robinson, UK [2006]), an independent analysis of the industry's prospects. She is a freelance healthcare journalist, specializing in pharmaceuticals.

Does Big Pharma still exist?
July 28, 2009

Jacky Law sees Roche's recent departure from PhRMA and ABPI as clear evidence that the Big Pharma model is breaking up.

Only the bad times are good for pharma
May 28, 2009

Jacky Law looks at why the pharma industry has to wait for a global pandemic to be seen in a good light.

How much should pharma CEOs get paid?
May 28, 2009

US pharma CEO salaries are still dwarfing the earnings of their European counterparts, but, with the industry and the economy currently in crisis, Jacky Law asks how long this can continue.


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