Articles by Nathan Jessop - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Nathan Jessop

Nathan Jessop

Nathan Jessop is a columnist for Pharmaceutical Technology Europe.

Pharma Job Cuts Cause Anxiety in Europe
June 2, 2013

Is Europe doing enough to curb further job losses that could threaten the recovery of its economy?

European Biotech Struggles to Thrive
May 6, 2013

While not as bleak as believed, the outlook of European biotech sector is struggling compared with its US counterpart.

European Pharma Depressed by German Pricing
August 6, 2012

Germany has shifted from relative pricing freedom to a market that is sensitive and influenced by cost-containment policies. But pharma is pressuring the country to change its policy again.

European Pharma to Surge Ahead Of US?
January 1, 2012

The next two years may see a shake up in the world's current top pharmaceutical companies, with Pfizer likely to be the only US firm to remain in the top five by sales.


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