Articles by Jim Miller - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Jim Miller

Jim Miller

Outsourcing Outlook

Jim Miller is president of PharmSource Information Services, Inc., and publisher of Bio/Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Report, a monthly newsletter covering the contract drug development industry. A trial subscription can be obtained by calling 703.383.4903, by faxing 703.383.4905, by e-mailing, or on the Web at

R&D in Transition
January 17, 2014

If R&D doesn't rebound, the growth prospects of R&D services providers will suffer, and even commercial CMOs will see fewer opportunities coming their way, writes Jim Miller.

The Climate Change in Outsourcing
January 2, 2014

Financial, political, and scientific developments that began 10 years ago are only now being felt by the biopharmaceutical contract services industry, writes Jim Miller.


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