Articles by Jane Chin, PhD - Pharmaceutical Executive


Articles by Jane Chin, PhD

Jane Chin, PhD

Jane Chin is president of the Medical Science Liaison Institute and a certified competitive intelligence professional. She can be reached at

Beyond Multiple Choice
May 1, 2006

Imagine you're a college student cramming on the night before a big biology exam. You've missed some classes and need a tutor. So you call up the tutoring center and request a student to come help you. A tutor is at your door in an hour, but he's a history major, not a biology major. He claims his area of expertise doesn't matter since he knows how to teach. But you're up against a tight deadline, and reluctant to take his word for it.

Marketing to Professionals: MSLs: Off-Label Promotion
January 1, 2005

Managers may ask MSLs to "see what they can do" for their sales colleagues if product sales have dropped. This is a huge problem, especially in companies where 360-degree feedback is a favorite measuring tool.

Marketing to Professionals: MSLs: Show the Value
December 1, 2004

Executives are using both objective and subjective measures to communicate MSLs' value to organizational stakeholders—with metrics often defined as accountability for time or activities such as presentations.

Canaries in the Coal Mine
May 1, 2004

MSL programs were a technical outgrowth of sales, but they have since evolved to partake in field-based clinical and educational efforts for companies’ products. However, in many pharma companies, that evolution has not gone far enough. Companies still continue to focus MSL activities on pushing information out rather than pulling it in from the field and integrating it into their decision-making processes. As such, companies are missing the opportunity to leverage MSLs within a sensory web.


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