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Key Account Management: always read the label
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 Posted Apr 06 2010 03:52PM
Great post! We have also found that although (almost) everybody in pharma claims they are doing KAM, and that it may be the salvation when the "old model" appears to be broken, real success can be elusive. KAM can also be different things to different people: Some may refer to account management when they mean identifying and targeting valuable or influential prescribers within an account (but still fundamentally selling 1:1, perhaps most applicable in group practices or small institutions), for others it is navigating through a complex group buying process (for example in large hospital system), or - closer to B2B - we even encounter value based selling approaches or co-development partnerships, for example between pharma companies and payers. Some reasons why KAM may not always deliver of its promise are mentioned in the following blog post:
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