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UCB-sponsored PatientsLikeMe Site is Live
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 Posted Jan 28 2010 02:07PM
Thanks for this story, George. I admire what UCB is doing - both for people living with epilepsy and also for taking risks in social media marketing. I do, however, want to correct some misinformation in your article. Your statement "making this the first truly open online forum involving a pharmaceutical company" isn't true. Years ago, pharma marketers created MSWatch and DiabetesWatch. These sites were entirely open forums and pharma-sponsred. Unfortunately these sites were well before their time and are no longer around, but you can find their backstories still living on the Web (see http://bit.ly/cAgMaC & http://bit.ly/aUS7nb ). I expect there are other sites like them - either now or in the past. People have short memories, and many are new to this space, but those of us that have been in pharma marketing awhile remember DiabetesWatch and MSWatch as among the "first," and as examples of social media and Web 2.0 before the phrases even existed. Thank you. ~~ Wendy Blackburn, Intouch Solutions, http://blog.intouchsol.com/
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