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GSK Rethinks Rep Compensation
Comments from our Readers
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 Posted Jul 30 2010 07:21AM
It is interesting how we are returning to the pharma sales model that was used originally. Returning to the days when pharma sales reps were referred to as "detail men" and had responsibility for every product the pharma company offered. It was also a requirement that they be trained as pharmacists or chemists so they could actually understand and explain the science behind the product instead of just regurgitating memorized specs in 20 seconds or less for their "elevator sales pitch".
 Posted Aug 01 2010 12:19PM
This has been a long time coming...I spent 35 yrs in Pharma Sales, and watched it become a marketing fiasco. It is absolutely time to return to the science backed sales rep, with the tools to talk science and patient affect, rather than the almighty increase in market share at all costs. Perhaps the "new" reps will once again be able to enjoy the respect of the physician as I did in the past. I hope ALL Pharma takes heed of GSK's lead!!
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