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The Pro-Patient Cometh
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 Posted Mar 04 2012 04:19PM
The proactive patient is here to stay. As an industry we must embrace this fact and find better ways to help this consumer in their quest for quality health care information and their desire to be heard by others and influence others as well. According to Cybercitizen Health® 107 million US adults used social media for health related issues. This is almost double of what it was in 2008. As a pharmaceutical industry we need to focus our engagement in social media to utilize this force to advance public health. With the complex decision making process and the cross linking influence factors we must be able to identify the "pro-patient" consumers who are influential at a topic level and work with them to virally disseminate information which will be useful and valuable to consumers when they are at the ZMOT - or Zero Moment of Truth in their decision making process. Jack J Florio, Chief Business Officer - LiquidGrids
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