Surveys - Pharmaceutical Executive


Digital Challenge
What is pharma's most pressing digital challenge?
Gaining internal buy-in
Establishing internal guidelines
Working with external guidelines
Recruiting staff
Budgeting issues
Other Surveys
Supply chain security
What impact do mega-mergers of biopharmaceutical companies have on the development of new drugs?
Pharmaceutical business challenges
Skills base
Personalized Medicine
Opportunity Next 5 Years
Threat to Industry
Recession Hit
Funding Exemptions
Restricting Growth
Social Media Tools
Revenue Growth
Online Reputation
Revenue Growth
Reputation of the Pharma Industry
Regulatory Enforcement
Emerging Markets 2013
Patent Cliff
FDA confidentiality
Generic Drug User Fees Amendments of 2012
FDA Reform
Emerging Markets
Online Communications
Affordable Care Act
Strategic Initiatives
DTC Advertising
Pressing Concerns
Social Media Tsar
Emerging Market Obstacles
Future of Pharma Marketing
Value Challenge
Social Media
Outsourcing Future
Strategic Drivers
Generic-Drug User Fees
Which Countries?
Biologics Outsourcing
USP Mongraphs
FDA Scrutiny
Market Access
FDA Biosimilars Pathway
Biosimilar Questions
Emerging markets
Scientific Background
Carbon Footprint
Technology Impact
Pharm Exec 50: Big Pharma $40 billion
Pharm Exec 50: Global Therapeutic Class
Pharm Exec 50: Top 10
Sales Force
Pharma and Patients
Influential stakeholders
DoJ Versus Pharma
New Technology
Therapy areas
Emerging markets
The New Administration
Emerging Markets
Open-Source R&D
Mandatory HPV Vaccines
Healthcare Reform Hiccup
Novartis Bids on Alcon
Social Media Hearing
Windows 7
Cooperating on Health Care Reform
Merck Executive Changes
Obama's healthcare reforms
Social Media
Swine flu vaccines
Pharma's threat
Pay for Delay
Advancements in Adherence
Risk Guidelines
Flu Pandemic
Search Engine Ad Warning
Two FDAs
The Next Mega Merger
Quit While You're Not Ahead
Physician Payments Sunshine Act 2009
Pfizer/Wyeth Merger
Frank Torti
Pharma Outlook
Peter Rost for FDA Commissioner?
Viagra OTC
The Case for Preemption
The Next President of the United States
The Right Choice?
Prasugrel Delay
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