Physician Frustration

Doctors have had enough. But reps can still redeem themselves.
Oct 01, 2005

As the industry thinks about new sales force models, it should look beyond ROI numbers, toward a new paradigm that not only works for pharma, but also for its customers.

To better understand the sources of physicians' frustration with sales reps today—and to gain insight into what doctors want to realize from interactions with reps in the future—BusinessEdge Solutions conducted in-depth research with 100 high-prescribing primary care physicians in the United States. Originally conducted in 2004, the research was further supported in 2005 by focus groups. At right is a snapshot of the findings.

What doctors say : What doctors want
Companies that find ways to incorporate this information into their plans for launching new products will enhance sales execution overall. Those that choose to ignore the voices of physicians who say "enough is enough" will uncover more of the same—frustration with reps and reduced effectiveness.

Christopher Lisanti is a solution partner and Pat Pesanello is chief knowledge officer at BusinessEdge Solutions. For more information, visit

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