Proceed with Caution

Improvements to modern medicine have provided enormous benefits to consumers. Faster drug approval means more options, but it can also mean more risk. How much do patients need to know about drug safety and efficacy? Doctors weigh in.
Sep 01, 2006
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

The Growing Alarm about drug safety concerns is causing a stir in the industry. Manufacturers are worried that more testing will delay drugs getting to market; without it, patients are afraid they are being treated like guinea pigs by pharma companies. But what about the doctors, who become the middlemen between manufacturers and patients? Are recent safety concerns eroding their confidence in the drugs they prescribe?

Where do you turn to find facts on drug safety?
From October to November 2005, Pharmaceutical Executive and CME LLC surveyed clinicians on the topic of drug safety. The surveys were handed out at CME meetings in cities across the country. Responses were collected mainly at four-hour, Saturday breakfast sessions that covered a wide range of educational topics. A first look at the findings shows that more than half of the doctors surveyed have a heightened level of concern for drug safety, now that drugs are receiving faster approval. Here's a look at the results:

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